I just start it

Well hello all i am Fereal :smiley: 25y old… living in Europe
my first time seeing this game was in some game magazine and my dad got me the games…so i recently starting replaying metal gear and found about the MGO save project and hop in currently i am playing mgs3 this is the only game that i never play and is the first part of the story …and yeah so far is cool and amazing even for the time and today on 22.12.2022 i found this forum dedicated to the video game series and …Just hi for :slight_smile:


Welcome! I’m glad you found your way here. Hoping to set up and play a couple of games of SaveMGO myself after Christmas so should see you online at some point. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the site Fereal!

MGS3 is my personal favorite of the series, I’m actually jealous of you getting to play it for the first time. Enjoy it!

Also, how did you come across our forum?

found it under a youtube video and i like the design and topics here



Appreciate it Fereal, enjoy our site and MGS3!

If you get a chance you should follow the tutorial from the Otacon bot in your inbox, it will explain a lot of site features. Also give the FAQ read too and again, thanks for taking the time to make an account!

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I actually enjoyed that! :grin:

Welcome again @FerealNight !


Welcome Fereal.

Oh, man. I’m getting so nostalgic welcoming new members again.

Imagine when they actually make something new…


Hello there, you Probably saw the Link off The old snake video i chopped up. really glad to see you here bud, has metal gear become one of your fav series?

Wlcome buddy, I hope you stick around!

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Well yeah i mean i love the 4th wall breaks :smiley: the story is just very well written and grab my attention way too fast now i am finishing MG3 thats the only game that i never play so far i see thats is amazing and i hope to stick around in this forum i like it :slight_smile:
Oh yeah
Happy holidays :slight_smile:


Happy holidays to you brother, and enjoy all Kojima’s classics!

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Welcome! Hope you like it here.