How do you balance your work and gaming life?

Greetings, my fellow working gamers. I have a burning question for you. I adore Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. But I also have a ton of work to do. I have to face all sorts of trials and tribulations. I have to be a leader and a role model.

But sometimes, it’s hard to do both. Sometimes, I play too much and neglect my work. Other times, I work too much and miss the fun. I feel like I’m living in two different worlds.

So, how do you fine folks do it? How do you balance your work and gaming life? How do you juggle your time and energy? How do you deal with the stress and pressure? How do you find the golden mean between work and play?

Please enlighten me with your secrets and tips!

I hear you. It gets even harder with a family, kids.
Over a year ago I was still in a very stressful work situation. I changed that but still don´t have much free time for gaming. Usely an hour or two max in the evening, after work.

What’s your job role?

Personally, now I’m working from home, I do actually game a nice amount. It’s good for a quick break to grab a controller and just chip away at a game. The thing that I struggle with is time tabling my time after work. Keeping strict with exercising, Japanese language and my social life feels like I’m trying to stuff tangled balls of yarn into a jewellery box.

totally get the struggle with the post-work timetable – it’s like herding cats sometimes. Working from home does open up those sweet gaming breaks, though. As for me, I’m in project management – more strategy than I anticipated. Cheers to juggling the yarn balls of life!

I don’t! I work shift work and spend anywhere from 2-4hrs commuting each day and can leave home as early as 5AM, or get home from a shift as late as 3AM, and I do shifts around 12-15hrs long most weeks. Portable gaming is helpful but limited options there. I don’t really get time alone at home either so it’s hard to really get proper time to get through games. I’m sure it’ll take me at least 3-4 months to beat FFVII Rebirth as I’ll regularly have weeks where I won’t even get to play it once (unless I’m happy to play 20-30 mins at a time which is pretty pointless unless it’s a casual game).

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Ditto. I very rarely have time to game anymore, and when I do have time…there’s literally nothing new that I even care to play so…I don’t play anymore! It sucks but I think I gotta get the PC in order if I want to feel reinvigorated to game again, Cyberpunk is the only thing that gets me remotely excited to play. Right now the whole entire industry feels so stale (for my tastes).

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Night time gaming. Mentally now I can’t just sit down without getting a few things done. I feel guilty and only end up doing like 30 mins if I know there’s things I should be getting to. If that means I only get an hr at the end of the day to play, that’s fine.

Same here. Except for the night time gaming. On weekends I usually get an hour or two in very early in the morning.

Man I used to love waking up early and just gaming for a few hours. Nothing to do, sunday morning. Haven’t done that in a long time. Nothing multiplayer or too fast paced. New Vegas is particularly nice. Toogle on the auto-walk, put on radio New Vegas, and just lazily explore the Mojave.


I usually put in laundry first to save some time, haha! :pensive: But yeah, those early mornings do it for me. Relaxed, by myself, nothing to do for a few hours.

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There’s not much better in a daily routine than those few hours where you can just relax and do your own thing in an early morning. I’ve began doing a 6am start again (a bit wild how long it’s taken to settle back into a routine after moving several months ago…)and even if, at worst, it’s just a shower and throwing the laundry in the washing machine, they’re hours I really value.

Especially in Summer! Sitting on the balcony to get some fresh air with a tea or coffee is great.


Out of curiosity, what time do you generally tend to go to bed? I don’t mind the idea of being an early bird myself, but I currently have 9pm - midnight as my “me time” so I’d be getting less than 6 hours sleep if I was to try it.

Yeah when it comes down to it, it’s whatever works with your schedule. I usually get to be around half 10 and fall asleep almost instantly (much to the dismay of my girlfriend, who struggles to get to sleep in less than two hours). So I get about 7 and a half hours sleep.

This is also me and my girlfriend. Girls worry too much. Probably about what other women appear in my dreams.

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The dream. I’m a “tossing and turning for an hour” kind of person myself.

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Late-night gaming resonates with me. There’s something about the quiet hours when the world is asleep that adds a unique charm to the gaming experience. The challenge is, of course, not letting it mess up your sleep schedule entirely.

I’d been out of work the latter half of last year which meant I had lots of time to play FFXVI and Death Stranding, but when I’m gainfully employed I work long hours and will often spend the evenings making social calls to make the most of it.

Because of that the main way I strike a balance is through portable consoles. My commutes can be very long sometimes which gives me a good chunk of guilt-free time to consume some media. My phone is loaded with manga, my iPad is loaded with films or shows, and I’ll normally have a game on one of my portable consoles that I’m working through gradually too. I started Shin Megami Tensei IV a few weeks ago on the 3DS. If it were on a home console I would have probably only played an hour or so but I’m 10 hours deep thanks to playing it when on the go. It’s why I’m such a big fan of handhelds and lament that Nintendo are the only ones still doing it right now.

In the past when working jobs that had slightly less social lunch breaks I’d take advantage of that too. The majority of my Persona 4 Golden playthrough was done during 30 minute long late-lunch breaks I took while working at a school when everyone else had already gone back to class. If it weren’t for the marvel that is the PlayStation Vita I would have probably just spent those lonely breaktimes scrolling social media.

Long live handheld gaming! Viva la Vita!


I saw a rumour about a Vita 2, I’m sure it’s bull but my heart bleeds for a new portable system like that.

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Totally. It’s a big part of the reason the ‘PlayStation Portal’ winds me up so much. Was excited for a potential portable console and then they announce an incredibly useless product with such a bland and uninspired design.

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