Hey y'all!

It’s Lightning from MGSF (I used to be in GRU and then transferred over to FOXHOUND)! How is everyone? I’ve missed you all so much and I hope everyone has been doing well :slight_smile: . Shout out to @Stevosdepressos for telling me about you guys! You made my day, Gene! <3

So, about me… I’m 30 years old and I’m still a hopeless romantic. BUT, I became an auntie to 2 beautiful babies that I absolutely love. I have my degree in Criminal Justice and I work as a CSR for a bank. However, starting in May, I’ll be working from home as a claims rep for a health insurance company. I want to pick up teaching English online too, but we’ll take it one step at a time first. My favorite MGS games are 1 and 4. Oh, and Rising too (still holding out hope for PS4 port! fingers crossed). Besides MGS though, I’ve been playing games such as MK11, Ghost of Tsushima, The Division 2 & occasionally Zelda.

Looking forward to reconnect with everyone and making this place my home! Take care guys! <3


Hey, Lightning, good to see you. :grin:


Hey Lightning, glad you could join us. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Waheeey! Welcome lightning, glad to see you here :grin:


LIGHTNING! Good to see one of the old GRU pals here!

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Hey Lightning! Great to see you! Welcome!

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It’s great to see all of you!!! Hope you’re all doing well during these crazy times!

Lightening! Welcome to Metal Gear Legacy!
@NightFox (Sadistic Greyfox) and I (Kalash) sent you an email invite, but I suppose it was an old email.

Good to see you made your way here! There should be a short tutorial from @Otacon in your inbox to help you get accommodated with all the new features and such, and there’s a few threads in the Staff Announcements worth checking out.

Thank you for joining!

@Stevosdepressos Gene, appreciate it!


Hey there light, It’s good to see you made it! As @Hessikin said, almost everyone who’s here now we originally sent out invite links too, but sadly alot of those emails were super old. I hope you enjoy it here, and for all of y’all, make it your new mgs home.


Yo welcome Lightning! It’s really cool to see you back man.

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Kitana mains deserve no rights!

Mannn… Kitana is top tier and deserves any rights! You’re welcome to challenge me anytime if you still don’t think so.

@ Jass, Nightfox and Hessikin! It’s good to see you guys! And thank you for creating this place for us! I really like it here =) .


Appreciate it! Enjoy!

Thank you, it’s great to hear you’re enjoying it !

Hey welcome, Lightning, I have been really getting surprised how many old names I recognize on here!

Hey welcome. We rent the rooms by the hour going rate is $5 a hour and if you play your cards right null will play the tuba for you too!!