Hey all, NateDog here, previously known as NateDog (or was it Nate-Dog?). Thanks for the invite (clearly some of you are more hip than I am with your social meejuh connections, but some of us still use the first email we ever signed up to even though Hotmail always was and forever will be garbage!).

I was on MGSF from 2008 I think, was part of DC for a fair while, then a failed MGS2 org attempt, then an attempt to revitalise Foxhound and I’m sure one other somewhere in there. I had too high a post-count but not as many as Aragorn would make in a week. I spent far too much time on the site but at the same time I felt it helped me mature a bit, at least through the interactions with other humans part anyway.

The site looks very nice guys so good work, although I’ll admit that I chuckled a little at seeing it was MGS-related at first as I know you had been a bit disillusioned with the series for a while, but I get it. Certainly with lockdowns and whatnot nostalgia can be powerful, heck less than a week before I saw this email I ordered the MGS Legacy edition, and I’ve spent the last month replying Red Dead Redemption (+ Undead Nightmare), now I’m trying to finally finish Metroid Prime and the game I’m most looking forward to in the near future is the Mass Effecrt trilogy (although Deathloop’s delay definitely helped its case). Personally I feel like Konami are too foolish to see the merit in remaking MGS and I don’t see the movie getting off the ground but let’s hope I’m wrong.

A little about me, huh? Well I’m about to hit 30, I’ve been engaged for 2 years now and have been with my partner for nearly 7 years I think, I’ve been a dad for a year and a half (oh sleep how much I miss you), I passed my driving test at the second attempt TODAY, and I partially work for the gubberment, and it sucks seeing firsthand just what politicians are like but it’s what you’d expect, but at least I’m not working with them or in their offices and am mostly trying to avoid anyone getting stabbed by some randomer. Oh and as much as I miss sleep, and as much as I miss the cinema, I reallllllllly miss going to gigs.

Anyway, that’s it for my usual wall of text, hope you’re all doing good. Good to see so many recognisable names here.


Hey, Nate, glad you decided to join up. :joy:

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Been too long man, good to see you here.

laugh-cries in failure

What it do, man? Damn good seeing you back at it again, it’s been way too long. I’m glad you’ve been getting by and that your life has been picking up so much!

Hope you guys have been staying safe, and sorry the govmint been letting you down. But I’ll pour one out for your sleep anyway, fam.

Ayyy welcome back man!

Good to see you man. Do you work for Irish government or U.K.?

NATE! Welcome to Metal Gear Legacy my dude! I was hoping you would find your way here!

We sent invites to as many people as we could find emails for, I am happy you found it! There are still about 25-30 in probably abandoned inboxes that haven’t been claimed though, we’re working on reaching out to everyone we could.

Never really know what you got 'till it’s gone right? Paul and I realized how much the community on MGSF meant to us, and once there were rumors stirring, we got right to it, half a year later and here we are! Appreciate it, really. And I appreciate you for joining.

There should be a short tutorial from @Otacon in your inbox to help you get accommodated with all the new features and such (this is a totally different beast than MGSF), and there are a few threads in the Staff Announcements worth checking out to get caught up.

If you have questions, concerns, whatever, please hit up @NightFox or myself. Good to have you back man.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @otacon display help.

Nate! I’m stoked you’re here. I was gonna send you an invite but I’m just glad to see you hopping on.

Even if you’re a lacky for the Government. :wink:

Nice seeing you around man, welcome!


Awesome to see you here man, and grats on the driving test lmao

I’m glad to see you here lil nate! make youself at home!

Truth be told, I just honestly missed it. I went a long time focusing on all the negatives of the series etc but as time went on I realized how much i truly enjoyed the experienced compared to 90 percent of every fucking open world grindfest most games have become. I forgave alot of the problems i had with the series and just accepted it for what it was. I’m probably not a “bigger” fan than i was before but i’m definitely a more appreciative fan. At the time kojima exposed my ADHD child brain to alot of topics i would have never bothered to look into myself and I got to give him and his team alot of credit for making me receptive to it.

Again brother It’s good to see a friendly face again!

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Nate! Good to see you! It’s been a while! Kinda late, but congratulations on getting engaged and becoming a dad! And for passing your driver’s test! That’s super exciting! Hope you and your family are staying safe and that you catch some zzz’s soon! haha! Take care! =)

Very well said. I feel exactly the same.

Cheers for all the welcomes!

@Null Irish, for many reasons that’s a good and bad thing. But nah I’m mostly security and most people in here are nearly afraid of us even though we do jack shit (I spent my first like 2 hours looking at everything on this site while I was “working” yesterday).

@blueblob Your avatar kinda creeps me out yet I can’t stop looking at it, I feel like I felt this way about a lot of your posts before so I’m glad you’re staying true to form!

@Hessikin and @NightFox I get you guys completely. I’ve honestly been turned off a lot of open world games of late. One of the reasons I had so much fun returning to RDR recently is that it’s a tight game in a fairly tight map, but you have enough freedom. But you have so many games now that have open space for the sake of it and that’s just not fun especially if you have limited time. The last real big open world game I finished was BOTW and I still can’t get it because by all rights I shouldn’t have liked it but I found exploring so much fun in it despite how daunting it could be at first. When it comes to MGS, I keep thinking of Ground Zeroes because it felt like the best of what a modern MGS should be. I’ve begun to really appreciate the importance of limitations and restrictions for some projects because I think it really forces developers to think outside outside box a lot. It’s one of the reasons why I respect the design of Resident Evil and how damn good a game it is within such a small space.

Anyway thanks all see you around.