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With game development becoming increasingly more accessible, I figured it stems to reason some people might be working on their own indie projects. If you’ve got any works in progress you’d like to share, I’m sure we’d all love to hear about and support 'em!

Me? I got tired of waiting for a new Metal Gear game so I decided to make my own. In fact, old yeller has been working on his own game for a while and I sorta aped off his idea because fuck originality.

I’ve been working on a top down stealth action game in the same vein as Metal Gear Ghost Babel and UnMetal. Pixelated like UnMetal, with Ghost Babel movement speeds and (hopefully) combat mechanics. The latter is actually where I’ve been stumped, which is why there’s no footage to share yet since what I have is way too rough and is basically just the sprite assets and a single room with no guards or objective.

The plan is to create a stealth action game with the same design philosophies as the Big Boss era games, with Ghost Babel’s style of gameplay. Top down omni-directional movement (only have four sets of sprites though for now), rooms with a lot of cover spots and multiple routes from A to B. And actual objectives beyond always just reaching a goal. My long term aim is to create a game that’s only 2 or 3 hours long at most. Something players can blaze through but make the gameplay gratifying enough that the short time and open-endedness creates much needed replay value. And ideally, to include bosses that are straight forward but have enough variety in the ways you can beat them and or bypass them since I think that should be an option as well.

Short term, my goal is to just create a single room with a single set of enemies. If this proof of concept works to my satisfaction, I can expand on it and create a full game around that design.

The biggest hurdle I’m facing is the GMS2 tutorials. I know nothing about coding and have gotten by purely through following the instructions all the tutorials have shared. And I’m reaching a lot of roadblocks in that regard, when it comes to combat, since all the combat is mouse focused and I hate that sort of combat for this type of game. (It didn’t work for Disjunction) So I gotta figure out how to get it so the shooting is based on whichever direction the player is facing like Ghost Babel or MGS1 since mouse shooting in these games is too messy, I find.

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when you have some screenshots or footage make sure to post them up bud, this sounds great!

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Thanks, fam. Once I can get the mechanics all figured out. I’m going to make a single mission. If I can make it work, then I’m going to make the full game based off that mission and give it branching paths.

In MGSV, almost a fourth of its main 39 missions were assassination missions. Where your goal was to get in, kill guy, get out. I’m semi-basing this game off of that where the goal is kill a person and also carry out another objective to stop what they were up to. Unlike MGSV or Hitman, the targets are more like that of Assassin’s Creed 1. You can kill them if they don’t detect you. But if you face the target head on, then it becomes a boss fight instead. Killing him undetected could mean shooting him when he’s giving a speech, or finding a remote trigger somewhere in the bunker and using it to detonate a suicide vest he has on him so his men think it was a malfunction with the vest and don’t go on alert. Later missions could have more creative opportunities if the player doesn’t want to fight the target directly.

But long term, I also want to give players the option to skip having to kill anybody, the boss included.

For example, the long term plan for the first mission I’m making is to kill a terrorist leader plotting an attack on a nearby city and to sabotage his armory so his men can’t carry out the attack without him. If I can make it happen, the plan is to give three distinct options for the player. Kill the leader and sabotage his armory. Bypass the leader and sabotage his armory (which would lead to another confrontation since the leader survives), or locate a key to access his computer hidden somewhere in the bunker and upload his attack plan to your partner so they can share it with local government and preempt the entire attack. This gives you the option to “zero trace” the mission so you neither have to kill the leader or sabotage anything.

If at all realistic, I wanna make every mission that open ended so anyone who wants to have the conventional fight can have it, or skip for pure zero tracing ghost runs.