Classic Video Game Posters/Ads

Anybody got any they’re particularly fond of? I bought my partner a Rayman 3 one which, honestly, is absolutely hilarious and I’ve just come across this Tekken Advance gem that looks like the photo-shoot was done in ass-fuck nowhere, Southeast Kent.


Brilliant idea. I stash retro ads anytime I see anything interesting, here’s a few —


I love the old mgs promo posters. They are crazy expensive today, a single one can have a demanding price of over a hundred dollars. Don’t know if anyone is buying but that’s what it goes for.

If an mgs poster is cut from a magazine it can go for tens of dollars, those promo posters that were in game stores etc are the expensive ones.


I only have an old one from MGS2, but highly doubt it´s something official. Would love some old school game posters for my gaming cave though.

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Post a picture! I had one cut from a magazine, it is still at my parent’s house on the wall of my room. I should have stacked on those promo posters back when they were cheap.

This is another classic that I like, it came with the PAL release of MGS1 along with the silent hill 1 demo. The backside of this poster featured the controls for the demo. I have this poster in frames.


There’s just something so tangible and delicious about these classic posters. Keep posting them up!

Here’s the Rayman 3one which I bought my girlfriend and original version of. Framed in their office space, I think it’s absolutely hilarious that this is in the background of their Team Meetings.


the game may have sucked but as a kid this art just stuck with me lol




This is a really cool poster, just great design in general with the colour pairing.

Lmao I get you. DMC games have their Marketing turned up to 200%. Even the games considered bad in the series seem to have a sick marketing campaign backing them.

Those MG2 and RE ones are legit beautiful. Captures the genres of each so well!

This Spider-Man (2000) poster is honestly iconic. Turns out that a bunch of the ads and posters for this game leant into the late 90s animated TV show at the time, so a lot of casual players and watchers thought it was an adaptation of the show. This poster is pretty basic, but honestly it’s got all it needs!

Similarly, for his birthday I bought my brother this poster recently - I’m feeling kind of nostalgic for this era of Marvel lately!

Just read about this poster, which was part of a marketing strategy where UK rave nights and clubs had PS1s set up with Wipeout on in break rooms, with the poster leaning into it and depicting people ODing and/or playing Wipeout lmao.


Another Ill fated Capcom game but once again this artwork has always stuck with me

this is a lil more forgotten now but the arcades used to be plastered with this art in the late 90’s i can still smell it!


lmao no way you’re calling this forgotten, it’s one of the most iconic Street Fighter images to this day!
Another Capcom fighter classic:


Not the image smart-ass, the game!

oh yeah I forgot nobody remembers SF Alpha!!

What’s Street Fighter? Some kind of thug?

See even you mucked it up. It’s alpha 2!

“this is a lil more forgotten now but the gaming mags used to be plastered with this art in the early 00s:”

“lmao no way you’re calling this forgotten, it’s one of the most iconic MGS images to this day!”

“Not the image smart-ass, the game!”

“oh yeah I forgot nobody remembers MGS!!”

“See even you mucked it up. It’s mgs2!”


Hahahaha, who hurt you?


Giiiirls giiiiiiirls!


I’ve got an ancient MVC2 poster somewhere, I’ll have to post it when I come across it.

You guys have cool posters. I´d look on the second hand sites again, but these days there´s no way to tell what´s authentic anymore… :confused:

That said, this is one I have. Doubt it´s official, but I like it.

And now we´re at it, not game related, but another framed.

When we´ve finally moved I´m putting them up.