Bug Reports

Thought it might be helpful to have a topic for people to report small issues they find that don’t really fall under the category of suggestions or design feedback.


Bug: post counter in a thread slightly overlaps and obscures reply/edit/etc in the bottom right corner of the last post on mobile.


Great thread idea! Going to pin this.

Appreciate it man!

Will look into this! Pushing updates all weekend, hope to get to mobile updates before the month is up! No promises, I am working on it!

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Potential Bug: I’m able to click and place an insertion point on a lot of various areas across the site. Wasn’t doing this a few days ago, perhaps something was enabled?

Example 1: Between the ‘d’ and ‘e’ of ‘video’

Example 2: At the entire side of the category bar.

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Interesting. I’ve been trying to replicate this on different browsers and can’t. What browser are you using Jass?

Google Chrome on a Windows 64bit OS.

You sure you haven’t just turned on caret browsing Jass?


Hm, I don’t have Chrome on this computer, unfortunately (sanitized from anything Google). If anyone else with Chrome is having this issue, let me know asap.

Could be this, hit F7 and see if it fixes it Jass.

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Lol fuck wow, yeah I didn’t even know Caret browsing was a thing. Thanks @Bread went ahead and smashed that F7 button and it’s no longer doing it. Must’ve tapped it accidentally.

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the site’s tab icon isn’t displaying for me on Chrome on Mac

Sounds like a Chrome problem. Chrome doesn’t play well with anything, it seems. You could try clearing your cache, cookies, etc but the issue is most definitely with Chrome, I’m seeing the favicon just fine.