Another returning member


Dunno if anyone will remember me but I’m Snake Eater from the old MGSF. I used to be in GRU and later FoxHound. I heard from Suede you guys were returning so I decided to shouw up as well. Well, considering this is a MGS forum I’m just glad I was able to get my old user name again

Glad to be back! Cheers.


Another name I recognize! Welcome SnakeEater!

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Good to see another foxhounder here :wink:!

Welcome Snake Eater.

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Heyyy, welcome, m8! :partying_face:

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m8 I liked your old name why’d you change it :frowning:

Felt like a change. You can still call me Suede if you want. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hey we’d have reserved it for you anyhow. I think we sent you an invite email but it must have been an old one. I think a lot of the emails and such Paul and I were able to scrounge up ended up being out dated.

Regardless, glad you are here!

Welcome to Metal Gear Legacy!

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Hey there! welcome bud, i do remember you, make yourself at home! that means you gotta pay half the bills!

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Hey I remember you! Good to see you here :smiley:

Welcome SnakeEater! Good to see you.

FH gang rise up, welcome back man!

Dead Cell was the best

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Preach it bro.

We came back from the brink of death more often than a Ozzy Osbourne