And we are back

It is I the large man named Burning_Eagle, AKA Beagle, AKA Beags. I’ve been here through the thick and thin and I plan to stay around for a lot longer!

If you don’t know me I’m easy to understand. I like guns, video games, and most things nerd. Currently employed 30 year old stoner at a no tell motell in the high desert of California.


Wheeeeey welcome Beags, now you get to stay at a virtual online no-tell motel!


Ohh hellloooo Beagle! it’s good to see you here too brother! you always keep it spicy and i love you for it!

HAHAHAH, hey man this whole world is one big gutter, at least we have a pool!

Thanks for signing up brother!

Woah! Beags! Welcome!

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Look what the dog dragged in!

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omg beags-kun is here too =^3?! dude whenever i play bf4 on lancang dam i think of you

i never play bf4 anymore, but STILL!

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ahahaha ah man I forgot all about playing BF4 with you. the stupid ass shit we’d get into on the mountain pass and the islands. I also don’t play anymore, hell I doubt anyone plays Bf4 anymore :'D

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Real talk I miss all that shit. We gotta game soon @NickRocks @JUO, it’s unfortunate there’s no really solid multi-player war games right now.

Cold War is pretty fun in an arcadey way, but the real star of that game is Outbreak.