Aliens: Dark Descent

Aliens is getting a new game coming soon which is going to be a real time, strategic, rogue-lite action game.

This looks quite interesting, but nothing I’d honestly pay for? It seems like it would be a lot of fun for a while but lacking in content - which just seems to be a common criticism for recent Aliens games entirely.

Any body got any thoughts on this? Particularly excited? What is cool about this is that it’s not exclusively ship/space based supposedly, you’ll apparently be fighting on battlefields in the jungle, mountains, forests and desert.


I’m. kinda excited for it tbh. I haven’t played alot of games like this, closest. wing the xcom franchise so I’m hoping it feels a Lil like this. either way I’m looking forward to it.

Found out about this today. Looks interesting, the style reminds me of Dead Nation.
I love the old films. Going to wait for reviews before I decide.

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I’m into it. I haven’t played a RTS since Company of Heroes AGES ago, but in my youth I enjoyed Command & Conquer quite a bit. Obsessed actually. I think in the end Generals and Red Alert 2 were my favorites, but the thing that drew me into CoH was the emphasis on the smaller scope of action in the battle and that is what this is kind of reminding me of.

I’ll likely give it a whirl with the demo.

Investigate a Xenomorph outbreak on the moon?


Has anyone here played this yet?