A24 | Death Stranding Film

So A24 are working with Kojima to bring Death Stranding to the big screen.

Here’s a xeet where he talks about it a bit.


Big up to this reply:

Kojima finally veering into the film world. I’m eager to see how it goes, does being 70% movies make for a good movie maker?


Definitely interesting. This is something he´s always wanted to do and it´s finally happening. I´m pretty sure it won´t dissappoint.

The coming years are going to be wild for KJP fans.


One of those lesser-asked questions I’ve been waiting to see an answer for, for a long time now. Regardless of what comes out on the other end, Kojima needs to do this at least once. I sort of wish he was going for something entirely new and original rather than tying it to his work in video games, he doesn’t deserve the automatic labelling that comes with it. Maybe The Last of Us shifted the public perception of things like this, and there are definitely enough people in the world to tell everyone else “No don’t worry, he’s basically been doing this anyways” but I dunno.

We’re going to see a new form of Kojima that has never been witnessed by man before. Just knowing how much he enjoys telling stories and loves movies, there’s a chance in this world that Hideo Kojima enters the hard mainstream as a film maker in the next decade, and then I need to figure out how I’m going to explain to people that I was first introduced to him via a melodramatic stealth game series, without sounding like I’m trying to gatekeep Hideo fucking Kojima.


Death stranind could possibly make a better movie than mgs, just in terms of pacing. Treacherous climbing and wading through deep waters punctuated by supernatural esque beings and scenarios. I’m eagerly awaiting more news


Collaboration with A24, and Hideo is uploading photos of himself and Ari Aster? I doubt it means that he’s working on directing the Death Stranding film, but that would be pretty wild if so.